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There is TONS of information on the internet about essential oils. I think TONS is really an understatement. I put together this website for many reasons. I want to share my love for God and my passion for helping people. I do this by providing natural health and wellness tools to families everywhere about the health-promoting benefits of essential oils.

God has instructed us to take care of our health – and what a better way than to use the natural environment that he already provides us.

Here’s some questions that I have been asked:

Why did I choose doTERRA?

I believe in the company. I believe in what they are doing for the health and wellness of everyone in the world. I believe in their passion for helping the farmers located in over 40 countries. doTERRA does very extensive testing for purity - read about it here:

Why are there so many opinions about essential oils?

  • Just like diet, exercise, school, hair, what color to paint your bathroom, really anything --- everyone is going to have an opinion.

  • My website – is only to provide you the tools and information that I use.

  • This website contains my personal opinions. The facts that I have provided on this website are directly from the company, not through a third party.

  • Make sure when you are researching you are checking your source of information – keep in mind the internet is NOT regulated and ANYONE can post whatever they want.

I want to use them but there’s way too much information?

  • Totally agree with you. Too much information. That is why I am very selective on what I put on this website.

  • Anyone can say anything on the internet good or bad.Please remember the internet is not regulated.

  • Suggestion would be to start with one oil. And use and research it. Learn all you can and let your love for essential oils grow from there. Because once you start and feel the benefits—growing and moving forward will be so empowering. On the drop down tab above - please visit the doTERRA website. It's like one stop shopping, researching, suggestions on uses and great customer service staff to help with any and every question!

  • For those of you who like to use apps on your phone doTERRA’s Daily Drop has a lot of information on oils as well as short videos regarding the oils.

Why are the oils sourced around the world and not all here in the United States?

  • If you take something from its natural habitat/environment it’s going to be the most potent, purest and most sustainable.

  • Where God put the plant/tree to grow – is where doTERRA sources it. Very simple. In its natural habitat -- not man-made farms.

  • Oh but wait even better – doTERRA helps local farmers where the oils are sourced. Past projects include building or sponsoring existing medical clinics, installing drinking water and irrigation systems, building schools, and providing other educational resources such as vocational training programs.

  • Why isn't doTERRA growing their business in the USA . . . . they are. But they are also doing what God has instructed us all to do – reach out to others around the world.

  • What a ministry - helping others worldwide.

Is this really true. An extract from a plant, please . . . so not true.

  • When I used doTERRA essential oils for the first time four years ago . . . they worked.

  • I feel better. I feel great. My family feels great. My house smells wonderful. I am helping others around the world. I can’t live a day without my oils. Any health issues I had are gone.

  • Try a drop – and you will see.

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