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Loyalty Rewards Program - LRP

I wanted to share with you another way to place your orders. It's called the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

There are no strings what so ever. The LRP Program is like a frequent flyer program. The program rewards you for placing a monthly order.

Why set up an LRP . . .

  • The benefit is - you have an "order template" and you place your orders this way.

  • I order something at least once a month so I have my LRP shipping on the 5th of each month and I load my order template with everything I need.

  • You can place as many LRP orders in a month that you want. You can use the same template for multiple orders in a month. Just open up your current LRP template. Change the items and click "continue" this will process your order NOW instead of the scheduled ship date.

  • The shipping cost is returned to you in points. If your order is over 125 point value then you get the free oil of the month. Some months they run a 200PV order promo and the free oils are AWESOME!

  • When you order through an LRP template you are paying tax on the wholesale price.When you do a regular order you are paying tax on the retail price.

  • You will accumulate points in your bank and you can use them to buy products.

  • You can cancel anytime and sign back up anytime.

  • You can pick and choose whatever products you want - you have until midnight before your ship date to get your template loaded with what you want.

How I set up an LRP . . .

  • Log into your back office at: https://www.mydoterra.com/

  • On your main page there is purple box - "create a new LRP template"

  • Pick which date you want it to ship (you can change this date later as many times as you want)

  • Finish the rest of the questions

Helpful information . . .

Bottom line . . .

If you place at least one order a month -- then set up an LRP template.

You will accumulate points = free products.

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