Ideas To Start With

The list goes on ---- it’s overwhelming at first to remember what goes where and when --- but if you start small and learn as you go . . . you will never go back!

  • By putting the Protective Blend hand soap at your sink . . . you know when the kids have washed their hands - you can smell it!

  • The children’s vitamins are awesome!!!! My daughter loves them.

  • Putting a drop of the Respiratory Blend on your ∙ chest at night – maintains a feeling of clear airways and easy breathing.

  • Lavender on the feet or forehead – helps calm and relax.

  • Have a boo-boo . . . no worries . . . grab the Lavender or Frankincense.

  • Get Lemon or the Cleansing Blend diffusing in the closets with the stinky tennis shoes!

  • In my house . . . we have growing pains. My little one wakes up in the middle of the night. And what do you do . . . it's the middle of the night! You guessed it. Essential oils. All done! Good night.

  • Do you know what's in your cleaning products? Try making an essential oils cleaning bottle. So your kids can help clean the bathrooms! No commercial products! Clean - pure essential oils! Wait! Need help mopping the floor. No problem - essential oils to the rescue! Kids grab the mop!

My daughter heads to the oil box for everything! What a legacy to leave to our children. A healthy natural alternative!

Even for little pesky mosquitos!

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