Ideas To Start With

The list goes on ---- it’s overwhelming at first to
remember what goes where and when --- but if you
start small and learn as you go . . .
you will never go back!

By putting the protective blend hand soap at your sink . . . you know when the kids have washed their hands - you can smell it!

The children’s vitamins are awesome!!!! My daughter loves them.

Putting a drop of the respiratory blend on your ∙ chest at night – maintains a feeling of clear airways and easy breathing.

Lavender on the feet or forehead – helps calm and relax.

Have a boo-boo . . . no worries . . . grab the lavender or frankincense.

Get purify diffusing in the closets with the stinky tennis shoes!

My life has changed and my daughter always goes to the oil box first for everything!
Even for little pesky mosquitos!